The Diamaro Wellness Opportunity

Our integrated approach to wellness provides clients with the opportunity to

(1) drastically increase their income by a minimum of $2500 per month
(2) differentiate themselves from their competition
(3) reduce their liability by providing customers consistent information
(4) increase number of loyal customers
(5) offer a unique shopping experience not available at Amazon


The Diamaro Wellness research began in early 2002, resulting in the creation of a unique one-of-a-kind Wellness Education Program by 2011. Diamaro LLC was created  by an accomplished entrepreneur recognized in Inc. Magazine for his achievements and a successful  business executive.

Bioresonance Screening

Our Bioresonance Cellular Screening is a groundbreaking NON-INVASIVE technology that performs an  accurate screening. It evaluates the overall cellular health of the body identifying existing  nutritional deficiencies including vitamin, trace element, amino acid, and co-enzyme deficiencies as well as exposures to toxins and heavy metals. It is precise, simple and quick (4 minutes).

Our proprietary database provides an in-depth analysis of the test results including suggested lifestyle changes, foods, and supplements.

You can perform the screening in your office or store and receive results immediately at the point of sale.

Our subscription program starts at only $119 per month.


Our clients monthly net income averages 21 times that amount or $2500 per month.

If you follow our program, we guarantee similar or better results!

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