Functional Medicine is the Future of Conventional Medicine”

Diamaro is the only “Measured” Wellness Solutions Company.
We offer our clients the opportunity to provide their customers/patients a one-of-a-kind high value healthcare experience.  

We partner with Functional Medicine healthcare providers, Chiropractors, MD’s, OD’s, Naturopaths, Wellness Centers, Nutritionists, Dietitians, Health Food Stores, Herb and Vitamin Shops offering BioResonance Screening:

(1) Nutritional Screening for deficiencies as well as exposures to Toxins  and Heavy Metals,  (available in <4. minutes) and

(2) A Whole Body Comprehensive BioResonance Screening for all organs and systems. (available in less than 24 hours)

We provide all equipment and materials free of charge, plus access to a 1,000 page Functional Medicine database of  screening related information for suggested lifestyle changes, and recommended foods and supplements educating and engaging the patient in a therapeutic partnership. Our Clients make this educational data available to their customers delivering a high value experience.

The perfect health-partnership in which the doctor and patient work together to identify the causes of illness and disease.

Grow Your Practice

Content and communication is of extreme importance… Engaging your current patient is paramount…  And over-delivering incredible service is critical.

Nothing will ever be more effective to grow your business. Today, word of mouth (WOM) is more powerful than any form of paid advertising. And this has also carried over to social media, where more folks are moved to action by the ability to share customer experience, both good and bad.

Word of mouth is your reputation. What could be more important?

The power of WOM has been accelerated in the digital age as consumers now have unprecedented ability to broadcast reviews of their clinic or shopping experience on the myriad reputation sites like Yelp! and Health-grades. But the key ingredients to ensuring strong WOM have remained over the centuries: over-deliver in all aspects of personal service, communicate and follow-up and listen to your customers. Do these things well and you’re golden. Your community will support you and sing your praises.

Diamaro Wellness helps you over-deliver providing personal health care published information for your patient/customer that’s easy to understand making it simple for your customer to follow your recommendations.  We provide an explanation of each screening measurement, along with suggested lifestyle changes, foods, and supplements, and more….  

Our Bioresonance Screening

We use a laptop and a small instrument called a Quantitative Cellular Analyzer (QCA)  to perform BioResonance testing.

Biophysicists in the 1920’s discovered that cells emit energy and resonate certain frequencies with radio-like transmitting and receiving properties. These cells control biological and chemical processes in the body. Healthy harmonic cells resonate at a very different frequency to that of unhealthy or damaged cells. Nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxins, heavy metals, and other factors all contribute to the development of unhealthy cells.

Our accurate screening is used to detect damaged cells producing a lower than normal energy resonance.  This is called Bioresonance Therapy,  or BRT.  BRT has been tested and approved throughout Russia, Europe and Canada and is in use in 85 countries. In Germany, where it was developed, BRT has been in use for over 35 years.  (Research studies available upon request)

It is important to note here, we are a health education company providing the latest research available in nutrition, toxins, heavy metals, herbs and suggested lifestyle changes.  We do not diagnose, treat, prevent, heal, or cure any disease, sickness or illness. We do not promote any product manufacturer or distributor. We are fully compliant with all FDA rules and regulations.

Our screening is for educational purposes only to identify nutritional deficiencies as well as toxin and heavy metal exposures along with identifying low energy BioResonance (indicating unhealthy cells). BioResonance Screening is more accurate than blood serum testing and eliminates false positives, false negatives, as well as processing errors self-reported to be over 10 million annually in the USA by independent labs. (Documentation available)

The testing is inexpensive, non-invasive, accurate, quick (<4 minutes) and available immediately for your customer/patient. Identifying deficiencies and exposures  will provide your customer/patient an accurate list of Nutritional deficiencies and environmental Toxin or Heavy Metal exposures.  Our matching educational database is also available providing suggested lifestyle changes, foods, and supplements. Internet access is not necessary.

We also offer a comprehensive whole body BioResonance screening of organs and systems along with a matching healthcare database including Suggested Lifestyle Changes, Foods and Supplements used by others world-wide. 

Another important aspect of our service is the consistency of health information provided to your customer/patient.  All of our educational health information may be distributed to patients or customers. The latest research provided is consistent and accurate.

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